Finding your dream home or investing in a more family-friendly property may not be a concern that you can afford to leave up to chance. When you consider the high cost of any real estate purchase, ensuring that you know enough to make smarter and more effective decisions can become a very important concern. Knowing more about the neighborhoods and locations in Lincoln Heights that will be able to provide you with better opportunities and the chance to enjoy a superior real estate investment can be (more…)

Cultural Opportunities Abound In Lincoln Heights, Ohio

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May - 22 - 2013

A village with a little more than 3000 people, Lincoln Heights, Ohio offers a small town home life that many people desire along with big city amenities that keep people in the area. People who move to or visit Lincoln Heights may wonder about the cultural opportunities available in this village. They will find out that cultural recreation abounds if they do research before their visit or move to the area.

Located close to major athletic venues, people in Lincoln Heights can take in a Reds game during baseball season. The (more…)

Best Of The Best: Lincoln Heights Healthcare

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Mar - 26 - 2013

Having to deal with rising healthcare costs is never something that anyone enjoys. The unfortunate news is that the cost of private insurance continues to spiral out of control. Many consumers complain that there should be affordable options in their hometowns from which to choose. Thankfully, Lincoln Heights is one city that offers a significant amount of fantastic services for its citizens.

It is important to note that there are limits to the amazing healthcare benefits offered to residents of Lincoln Heights. If you are looking for (more…)

Best Restaurants in Lincoln Heights

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Jun - 13 - 2012

If you live in Lincoln Heights, OH you know the area. You’ve looked into the security system that’s right for your home and you’ve contracted gardeners to talk about the local flora, too. But what about the area’s best eats? If you’re not a restaurant person let us change your mind with some of the best stops in Lincoln Heights
Half Day Caf – Known for their delicious BLT the Half Day is all about home cooking with soul. It’s usually got a line so get here before noon on weekdays if you want a table. Or do as the locals do and get yours to go!
Foley’s Irish Pub – We’ll be honest, Foley’s doesn’t have anything earth shattering when it comes to food (Think fish and chips) but the neighborhood bar has the best vibe of anywhere in town if you’re looking for a pint or two.
Sorrento’s Restaurant and Lounge – They’ve got all the typical American fare but with a twist! Try blackened fish and even some incredible fondue dishes, too, for a change of pace in Lincoln Heights.

Job Opportunities In Lincoln Heights, Ohio

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Nov - 20 - 2011

If you are moving to Lincoln Heights, Ohio, there are many job opportunities that exist. As a suburb of Cincinnati, Lincoln Heights has a population of about 4,500 citizens. The city employs many in the line of duty with a fire department, police department, and nearby physicians offices and hospitals in Cincinnati only a few miles away. Local utilities also hire in both maintenance and customer service.

Work exists in the real estate field as an agent selling both homes and industrial business lots in the city. Education opportunities employ in both public and private schools as well as higher education in the greater Cincinnati area as teachers, administration, and supporting staff. Childcare for the youth and nursing home care for the elderly are both available employing many citizens. Local restaurants of both the finer fare and fast food employ locals as cooks, wait staff, managers, and owners. Grocery stores and gas stations also are equal opportunity employers in this city.

Many more find work self-employed as medical billers, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and catering! There is no shortage of work in a city like Lincoln Heights, and it’s close proximity to the greater Cincinnati area. Finding work here is easy.

Moving To Lincoln Heights: What You Need to Know

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Nov - 16 - 2011

Lincoln Heights, Ohio is a small village in Hamilton County. With a population of 4,000 people, it is considered a suburb of Cincinnati. The recorded income level for households falls between the range of 19,000 to 22,000. It was named after Abe Lincoln. There are thousands of things that can be found to do in the area. From family fun events, to arts and culture, to outdoor activities, Lincoln Heights offers a great variety. Being such a small town adds to the appeal. Most jobs in Lincoln Heights revolve around education and or social services. Manufacturing accounts or about 17 of jobs in that area. The trucking industry seems to thriving here, so there is a high demand for truckers. Also the commercial banking industry is expanding there as well. If you look at every other small town in the country, all are struggling in this economy. Lincoln heights seems to to be thriving in certain fields. On a side note Lincoln Heights was the first African American self governing community on one the north side of the Mason Dixon Line. With such history, and plenty to do, it would make a great place to call home. Jobs should be easy to find.

Senior Living In Lincoln Heights, Ohio

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Nov - 13 - 2011

When it comes to senior living In Lincoln Heights, Ohio you have many options. Senior living is something that many people start to think about as they grow older. In many cases, it is the sons and daughters of the elderly that start to plan the best place for mom and dad to live past their golden years.

Senior living In Lincoln Heights, Ohio should be a stress free process. The first thing you should do is research the senior living facility and see if they have everything your loved ones will need to make them happy. Senior living is not to be confused with assisted living. These two can go together or they might not. It all depends on the needs of the senior.

There is so much to see and do in the town of Lincoln Heights, Ohio that it is perfect for seniors. There are parks and stores, malls with places to shop. There are many nice restaurants in the area with great food and many of them have a wide selection of food that is perfect for the seniors of the community. There are parks and areas where seniors can sit and relax and so much more. Lincoln Heights Ohio is a great place for seniors to live.

A Town Is Born: The History Of Lincoln Heights

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Nov - 11 - 2011

Lincoln Heights, Ohio is located in the county of Hamilton, just north of the city of Cincinnati. There are just over 4,000 residents in Lincoln Heights proper. More women than men live in this village. Only about one-quarter of the residents living in Lincoln Heights are married, and the median age of Lincoln Heights residents is younger than other surrounding towns. Of the population in the village, approximately 98 percent of the residents are of black or African American descent.

The median income for residents living in the Lincoln Heights community is only around 25,000, which is one reason apartments rent for such a low cost. Of all the single-family homes in Lincoln Heights, about one-third are occupied by the owners. The rest are rented or vacant.

Lincoln Heights was named after President Abraham Lincoln. Another notable aspect of Lincoln Heights is the Lincoln Heights Health Center. This was the first community health care center that was opened in Ohio. Founded in 1967, it was operated by six staff members who worked part-time. A grant in the amount of 10,000 was all it took to get the health center up and running. The village of Lincoln Heights was the largest community of self-governed African Americans in the nation, although there was no medical or dental care around.

Family Friendly Fun In Lincoln Heights, Ohio

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Nov - 10 - 2011

There are a few different fun activities that a family can do together in Lincoln Heights, Ohio. The first activity is to go to a Cincinnati Reds game. The Cincinnati Reds are a professional baseball team. This is something that the whole family would love to do together. The second activity is ncinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. This is the second oldest zoo in the United States. The zoo has a glass viewing area where the whole family can get up close to the animals. This is so that the children can touch and interact with the different animals in the zoo.

The third activity is a variety of different bowling alleys. A bowling alley has something that the whole family can do. These activities can include bowling, playing pool, air hockey, and just having a good time. Most bowling alleys also have a lounge for the adults in the family. The fourth activity is to attend the Great Darke County Fair. The Great Darke County Fair has a variety of different activities for the whole family. Some of these activities include horse races, parades, cheer leading contests, band contests, dog shows, animal shows, food competitions, and beauty pageants.

The fifth activity is the Woodbury Wildlife Area. The Woodbury Wildlife Area is one of the best places to hunt and fish in Ohio. This is because families can camp on the grounds for free and the area is always open. So this is a very budget friendly thing to do with the whole family. The sixth activity is the Butterfly House. The Butterfly House has hundreds of different butterflies that people can see as they walk through a garden.

These are the top six fun activities that a family can do together in Lincoln Heights, Ohio no matter what age the children are.

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