Moving To Lincoln Heights: What You Need to Know

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Nov - 16 - 2011

Lincoln Heights, Ohio is a small village in Hamilton County. With a population of 4,000 people, it is considered a suburb of Cincinnati. The recorded income level for households falls between the range of 19,000 to 22,000. It was named after Abe Lincoln. There are thousands of things that can be found to do in the area. From family fun events, to arts and culture, to outdoor activities, Lincoln Heights offers a great variety. Being such a small town adds to the appeal. Most jobs in Lincoln Heights revolve around education and or social services. Manufacturing accounts or about 17 of jobs in that area. The trucking industry seems to thriving here, so there is a high demand for truckers. Also the commercial banking industry is expanding there as well. If you look at every other small town in the country, all are struggling in this economy. Lincoln heights seems to to be thriving in certain fields. On a side note Lincoln Heights was the first African American self governing community on one the north side of the Mason Dixon Line. With such history, and plenty to do, it would make a great place to call home. Jobs should be easy to find.

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